Program Recommendations

Proposals for credit CTE programs must include a recommendation from the appropriate CTE Regional Consortium as per title 5, section 55130(b)(8)E. The community colleges in California are organized into ten economic regions, served by seven consortia of CTE faculty and administrators from community colleges in that region. Individuals tasked with developing a new CTE certificate or degree (program) for their college will need to secure regional consortium recommendation before submitting their program approval documents to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office for formal approval (chaptering). The college CTE Dean and curriculum committee chair (or designee) are good sources of information about the regional recommendation process and about a college’s local curriculum approval process.

Before you get started, review process information on Before submitting a new application, you must have Labor Market Information (LMI) provided by the Centers of Excellence. If you do not have labor market information, please submit a LMI request with COE using the LMI request form. Please note, all regions require LMI data be produced by the COE. A statement of approval from the COE is required for LMI reports from other sources. A list of completed and in progress requests can be found here.

NFNRC Voting Members review, share, and discuss program applications for recommendation. Program Recommendation voting occurs on the first Friday of every month unless otherwise specified. Complete applications must be submitted by the third Friday of the month in order to be included in the following first Friday meeting. To submit a new program, visit the site linked below.

Programs and Course Approval handbook (PCAH)-7th Edition

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Program Recommendations