E-Blast May 2020

E-Blast May 2020

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North/Far North webinar series with Dr. Robert Eyler

Below please find information on the upcoming North/Far North webinar series with Dr. Robert Eyler.  During the webinar series Dr. Eyler will focus on: the economic impacts as a result of COVID-19, including impacts to the State as well as specific impacts to the NFN Region, the recovery outlook, and specific industry sector impacts and opportunities.  Please see the dates, times, topics, and registration information below.

Please note, each one of the sessions uses a unique login, so please make sure to register to each session individually.

 General Overview, Region, Recover

When: May 18, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Topic: North/Far North with Chabin Concepts
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 Sector Impacts – Health, Business & Entrepreneurship, Retail & Hospitality

When: May 20, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Topic: North/Far North with Chabin Concepts: Economic Update
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Sector Impacts – Advanced Manufacturing; Agriculture, Water & Environment Technologies; Information & Communications Tech/Digital Media

When: May 27, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Topic: North/Far North with Chabin Concepts, Economic Update
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 Sector Impacts – Advanced Transportation & Logistics; Global Trade; Energy, Construction & Utilities

When: Jun 3, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Topic: North/Far North with Chabin Concepts, Economic Update
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Cybersecurity Summer Camp program for Middle & High School students

The North Far North Region is excited to pull together a collective Cybersecurity Summer Camp program for Middle and High School students (NorCal Cyber).  Our North Far North Community Colleges have partnered with the Sacramento County Office of Education to form the ICT Hub and support FREE and ONLINE 2020 cybersecurity summer camps.  Last summer we had a spattering of unconnected camps spread throughout the region and we recognized that if we collaborated together on a regional approach we would be able to serve more students in a more effective and cohesive manner.  That is how NorCal Cyber was formed:

Moving our camps online due to COVID-19 has been a blessing for some of our more rural students, and in light of this, participation is expected to be high. We have 11 camps planned this summer, 5 in the Far North and 6 in the greater Sacramento area.  These camps will expose students to critical cybersecurity skills for which there is an extremely high demand in our labor market.  It is exciting to be able to provide students with fun, free, and totally virtual camps in order to build their critical thinking, team, and technical skill sets.  This is also a wonderful way for us to nurture our relationships with our K12 partners and build our Community College Pipeline.  Community College faculty and students will be assisting with the camp facilitation and we are looking forward to the program growing in the future.  We want to give a huge shout out to the Bay Area Community College Consortium (BACCC) for sharing their camp format and provinding training.  This effort is a prime example of how our CA Community Colleges can partner and share successful programs throughout the State.

Please share with your students, parents and friends:

More Information Contact:

Wendy Porter (Far North) at or Markus Geissler (North) at

Regional Director, Employer Engagement, ICT/Digital Media


Mendocino College Career Education Programs Provide Adventist Health with 3D Printed Face Shields and PPE Masks

On Wednesday, Mendocino College Career Education instructors provided Adventist Health with 250 – 3D printed face shields to use during the COVID-19 pandemic. In March, the college also delivered 240 N95 masks, and another 5000, including ear loop surgical, face shield, and N95 were given directly from the Mendocino College Nursing Department.

Dean of Career Education, Dennis Aseltyne stated, “This is Mendocino College Career Education instructors and students in action, making a difference by responding to the immediate medical equipment needs of our community and our region.”
“We have been touched by the outpouring of support from our community for healthcare workers on the front lines. At a time when usual supply chain channels are disrupted, the team from Mendocino College has found a way to address a great need and help keep our staff safe through their creativity. This demonstrates that one does not have to be a front line healthcare worker to help our community during this challenging time and that everyone can step up and find a way to help,” shared Jason Wells, President for Adventist Health in Mendocino County, which operates Adventist Health Howard Memorial and Adventist Health Ukiah Valley.

Submitted by: Dennis Aseltyne, Dean of Applied Academics, Mendocino College

Minority Health Professions Mentor Program- Kick-Off Event in Sacramento

The Minority Health Professions Mentor Program held their annual kick-off event in a virtual conference on Saturday April 25, 2020 in Sacramento. Sharon Chandler and Toni Colley-Perry, the co-directors of Yes to College and the African American Women’s Health Legacy, led the event. The program’s mission is to support students from diverse backgrounds through the educational pipeline to achieve higher education goals in health and medical careers.
The kick-off event featured the renowned Dr. Bennet Omalu who was the medical doctor that discovered Chronic Traumamtic Encephalopathy (CTE) experienced by football players and whose life was featured in the movie “Concussion”. Additionally, more than 20 health professionals shared their stories of how they achieved their career pathway as well as many words of inspiration. A future mentee expressed “gratitude and inspiration from the event” and Dr. Keith Hopkins wrote that the “speakers were powerful and their stories moving”. Dr. Iyuanna Pease, Principal from Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professions High School, provided a welcome opening to the event as well.

Sharon Chandler and Toni Colley-Perry

Co-Directors of Yes 2 Kollege and the African American Women’s Health Legacy, creators of Mentorship Program

Please visit the Yes 2 Kollege website for more information:

Submitted by: Julie Holt, Regional Director- Employer Engagement, Health

College of the Redwoods Manufacturing Technology Program Adds Tooling U-SME Online Curriculum

Like many CTE programs across the state and nation, The Manufacturing Technology Department at College of the Redwoods was faced with finding a realistic and effective solution to replace in-person lab instruction during the remainder of this Spring semester due to the COVID-19 situation.

Mike Peterson, Professor of Manufacturing Technology, along with support from CTE Dean Kerry Mayer, settled on adopting Tooling U-SME’s expansive online manufacturing curriculum to fill the gap.

With financial support from the Far North Regional Director of Advanced Manufacturing (John Schmidt), College of the Redwoods was able to provide Tooling U-SME subscriptions to 26 advanced manufacturing students in the program.  To offset the normal semester lab component, Mr. Peterson is creating video demonstrations and linking it to the related online content provided by Tooling U-SME.  Although students are not able to replicate hands-on learning, the added online content is enriching and augmenting the normal semester curriculum.  Feedback thus far this semester is very favorable, especially with the accessibility and reliability of the Tooling U-SME interface (which works well on both PC and phone).  Additionally, instructors can monitor student progress with detailed statistics on class performance.  As a result of College of the Redwoods’ adoption of Tooling U-SME’s curriculum, the Regional Directors for the Advanced Manufacturing sector are collaborating statewide toward securing discounted student pricing with Tooling U-SME for all Advanced Manufacturing students in the California Community College system.

Submitted by: John R Schmidt, Regional Director, Employer Engagement, Advanced Manufacturing, Far North


NFNRC News Center
The Future of Fusion: CRC Culinary Arts Gets Down to Business


NFNRC New Center-October 2019

Cosumnes River College

From sushi pizza to pad thai tacos, fusion cuisine is all about discovering unexpected combinations and pushing the boundaries of innovative eats. 

It’s that same creativity that inspires students in the Culinary Arts Management program at Cosumnes River College, where fusion curriculum is the order of the day. 

Beyond dishing out delicacies, Culinary Arts Management students acquire critical business and leadership skills – key ingredients in the recipe for a successful culinary career. 

“A lot of our students are actually very entrepreneurially minded,” says Chef Michael Frigm, member of the Culinary Arts Management faculty at CRC. “A lot of them have aspirations of going off and opening their own restaurant, catering business, or food truck.”

As they prepare cuisines from all over the world, CRC students are also cooking up confidence, learning the fundamentals of marketing, financial management, and business development. And the fusion goes even further. CRC’s new Restaurant and Food Service Entrepreneurship Degree, offered in collaboration with the business department, is providing future chefs, restauranteurs, and entrepreneurs with the best of both worlds. 


Mendocino College Automotive Tech

NFNRC News Center – Jan 2020

Mendocino College

Through two decades, hundreds of vehicles, and thousands of repairs, Doug Boswell’s Mendocino College Automotive Tech program has “never had a car that we weren’t capable of fixing.” 

Don’t expect that perfect batting average to drop anytime soon. With 50 years of automotive experience and a teaching philosophy built around problem-solving, Boswell instills a “can-do” swagger in his Auto Tech students through genuine garage experience. 

“We’d rather do a real brake job than something that’s been through it 100 times,” says the instructor, who began his teaching career as a corporate trainer at Mazda. “It takes time, but that’s what makes it unique – students doing real stuff.”

Mendocino College’s hands-on approach starts with two, fully equipped modern automotive shops, complete with vehicle lifts, modern alignment equipment, brake tools, diagnostic tools and A/C Recycling machines. In 2019 alone, Boswell estimates that his students successfully overhauled 200 cars – some donated as “fixers,” but most brought in by real customers for legitimate repairs.