The Regional Consortium Members include the Coordinating Council, Voting Members, DSNs/Key Talent, Regional Consortium Staff, Academic Senate Representatives and  interested faculty and guests.

Three meetings each year are face-to-face and four meetings are via CCC Confer.  These meetings are an opportunity for all of the Regional Members to collaboratively work together to meet ever-changing demands and needs.

Agendas and Minutes

2016/2017 Meetings:

July — No Meeting
August — No Meeting
September 9th— AgendaMinutes
October 28th — AgendaMinutes
November — No Meeting
December 9th — AgendaMinutes
January 27th — AgendaMinutes:Regional Plan
February — Meeting Cancelled
March 24th — AgendaMinutes
April — No Meeting
May 11th— AgendaMinutes
June — Agenda / Minutes
July — No Meeting

2017/2018 Meetings:

September 14th — AgendaMinutes
November 2nd — AgendaMinutes
January 24-25th — AgendaMinutes
March 8th — AgendaMinutes
April 18-19 – Agenda/ Minutes
May 3rd— Agenda / Minutes