Far North Community Colleges

The California Community Colleges play an important role in boosting our state’s economy by serving more than 2.3 million students a year.

Our Community Colleges deliver high-quality Career Technical Education programs– partnering with regional employers to ensure students leave with the essential key job skills they need to meet industry needs.

The NFN Region includes 15 high-quality Community Colleges.

North Community Colleges

Statewide Career Pathways

Creating School to College Articulation provides an statewide framework to assist high school and college faculty to collaborate and develop programs of study that include articulation of high school coursework. Articulation agreements vary by discipline and may include alignment of course skills, concepts and sequences, advanced placement possibilities and credit by examination options. While our schools and colleges have already participated in many efforts to align curriculum and develop articulated programs of study especially through CTE Transitions activities, faculty have indicated several unmet needs which this project addresses.

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Alignment of course competencies between education segments whereby students are placed in the next course in the sequence.

High school students enrolled in a college class offered either at the college or on the high school campus. Students earn college credit that may or may not be used to fulfill high school graduation requirements.

Process by which high school students earn credit on a college transcript for an articulated high school course through the satisfactory completion of an end-of-course assessment. Students must complete an application to the college awarding the credit, but do not pay fees.

High school students enrolled in a high school course for high school and community college credit, with the high school teacher approved as a community college adjunct instructor.

A statewide data system supported by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and hosted by Cal-PASS Plus, that provides data to California community colleges and their feeder K-12 school districts on the effectiveness of CTE programs. This information is intended to facilitate local, regional and statewide conversations about how to improve student transitions from K-12 to college and the workforce.

To enroll in a college or university as a candidate for a degree.

An educational road map outlining an aligned sequence of courses that prepares students for college and career transition in a specific industry area. A career pathway leads to multiple options for students including industry certification, post-secondary degrees and certificates, and employment.

Data management system that maintains course articulation data and ensures students receive the recommended credit.

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